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How to make a responsive slider in 5 minutes

  • By websithub
  • December 13, 2022
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Many developers find it difficult to make the slider responsive, especially the updated look of Slider Revolution. As a web designer or developer, that will be frustrating, but we have got the solution, which has worked for most of the projects we have done in the past. Below are the steps on how you can achieve the responsiveness on your website.

You can find more details on our YouTube video below:

Step 1

Install the revolution slider (its a premium plugin, can be purchased or buy a template that has it included in the package).

Step 2

Open the particular slider you want to edit, assuming that you have already created one. If that is not the case, here is a link on how to create slides using slider revolution:

Creating slides using slider revolution

Step 3

Change the dimensions of all the screens to be 1920x720px. This can be done by clicking at the settings then the layout icon, which will take you to the various screen sizes and their settings as shown below:

responsive website design in Kenya
responsive website design in Kenya
Ensure all the screens have same dimensions for uniformity purposes.

Step 4

Save your slider, then it will be ready for display in the front-end. Below is a tutorial on how to add the slider to the website:

Adding slider to the website

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